• Jackson Fine Art is excited to celebrate the welcome approach of spring with Eat Flowers and Persephone, exhibitions of new work from Cig Harvey and Angela West. Both series are lush explorations of the changing seasons and celebrations of emotional rebirth from two of the most innovative female photographers working today. This is the gallery’s first exhibition of Cig Harvey’s work, and our fifth exhibition of Angela West, the first since 2010’s Trigger.

  • Cig Harvey

    Cig Harvey

    Cig Harvey is known for her work that’s rich in implied narrative, deeply rooted in the natural environment, and offers explorations of belonging and familial relationships. Cig’s practice seeks to find the magical in everyday life. Her photographs depict luscious color and luminous natural light whether it be a portrait or still life. Although Harvey draws on traditions of portraiture and landscape, her images defy the conventions of these genres. “The subject matter and formal concerns of color, light and frame has always been the device to get to the story itself. I want my photographs to be a jolt,” Harvey has said, adding, “they explore a magic in the world while having one foot very much placed in reality.”


    In Spring 2021 Cig will release her 4th monograph, Blue Violet (Monacelli). A book of deeply personal and lush photographs, drawings, and writing, Blue Violet is a vibrant meditation on the procession of seasons, sensory abundance, and the enchanted in everyday life. Part art book, botanical guide, historical encyclopedia, and poetry collection, Blue Violet is a compendium of beauty, color, and the senses.

  • Exploring the five senses, Blue Violet takes the reader on a personal journey through nature and the range of human...

    Exploring the five senses, Blue Violet takes the reader on a personal journey through nature and the range of human emotions. As with her previous three titles--You Look At Me Like An Emergency, Gardening at Night, and You an Orchestra You a Bomb--this book invites the reader to pause, laugh, cry, create, and become more aware of the natural world. Images and text in a variety of forms (prose poetry, recipes, lists, research pieces, diagrams) focus on immediate experience to understand the vibrancy of the senses on memory and feelings.


  • Angela West


    Angela West

    Much of Angela West's work is a series of varied photographic projects relating to her hometown and the chronology of its inhabitants. Employing the traditional academic genres of art to explore the nature and place of community, Angela West’s series include portrait studies of small-town teenage girls, landscape explorations of neighborhoods, and still lifes that represent the passing of time. In each genre, her richly realized color photographs balance affection for her subjects with precise and unsentimental observation. 


    "What there is to know about me, and what there is to know about my work, are synonymous. My work is very personal. It is about me, and therefore my experiences in the world. The roots of my work are my observations of my hometown of Dahlonega, GA. I structure my work to show where the layers of the past and the present collide. I work to avoid a sentimentality that might be seen as simplistic-as something that avoids complexity and is content to revel in nostalgia. Though my work involves strands of ideology from the past, they are combined with a contemporary awareness. No image presumes exemption for the truth and power of the present." - Angela West

  • These are wild thoughts,—& we are wrong to fear That any ill can touch the child of heaven; She is...

    These are wild thoughts,—& we are wrong to fear 

    That any ill can touch the child of heaven; 

    She is not lost,—trust me, she has but strayed 

    Up some steep mountain path, or in yon dell,  

    Or to the rock where yellow wall-flowers grow, 

    Scaling with venturous step the narrow path 

    Which the goats fear to tread;—she will return 

    And mock our fears. 


    -Mary Shelley